Beautiful Eyeshadow: 4 Tips for Great Eye Makeup

Beautiful Eyeshadow: 4 Tips for Great Eye Makeup

 Beautiful Eyeshadow: 4 Tips for Great Eye Makeup 100 percent pure raw beauty minerals

Eyeshadow is the cherry on top of great makeup. It can take your look from day to night or glam up a simple, no frills aesthetic with a few swipes of a brush.

But eye makeup can be challenging, which is why many makeup users tend to avoid making it too complicated. Mascara is part of nearly any makeup look, but when you bring eyeliner and eyeshadow into the picture, it elevates your style immediately.

Since your eyes are such a focal point, it’s important that eye makeup is done well. You want to stand out in a bold and beautiful way — not one that causes people to wonder if you forgot to blend or didn’t realize what colors were on your brush.

So how do you make sure to nail your eyeshadow each and every time? Here are four tips to guarantee great eye makeup each and every time.

  1. Start With Primer

Creasing is every eyeshadow’s worst nightmare. Unlike the rest of your face, your eyes have a natural fold line that is constantly creasing as you blink. The solution? Primer. It only takes a little bit of product, but it’s essential to keep your eye makeup in place. Use your finger to apply and gently smooth over the entire surface where you’ll be applying shadow.

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  1. Know Your Colors

Your skin tone and eye color both play a huge part in deciding which shades of eyeshadow are best for you. According to Elle, here are a few safe choices for any eye color.

Green: muted purple, shimmery brown
Blue: soft coral, champagne
Brown: violet, silver

Of course, you’re welcome to break the rules in any facet of makeup, but if you’re a beginner when it comes to eyeshadow, it may be helpful to start out in those color families and build on as you become more comfortable.

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  1. Combine Shades

An elevated eyeshadow look is not a singular color, but rather a beautiful combination of shades. Thinking about where you place each shade or color is essential to a great eye makeup look. According to, here are some of the areas to consider:

Inner Corner: A light, bright color or highlight.
Outer Corner: A darker contrast shade.
Lid: The main color you’d like to focus on.
Crease: A darker tone of whatever color you use on your lid.
Above Crease: A brighter color or highlight.

  1. Blend, Blend, Blend

Once you’ve selected your array of shades and colors and where to apply them, it’s important to blend them together! You don’t want your eyeshadow to look like a piecey puzzle, but rather a seamless combination of shades and colors. A good eyeshadow brush is essential to helping you smooth and decrease the lines between the colors. You may want to invest in two: one for matte shadows and another for shimmery.

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