6 Fall Makeup Trends to Try

6 Fall Makeup Trends to Try

Trying to stay on trend with your makeup and style choices this fall? Whether you’re looking for a bold change or a subtle twist on your go-to makeup, here are several ideas to keep your look trendy this season.

  1. Pink Eyeshadow

According to InStyle, this trend has been growing for months now. Whether you go for shimmer or matte, pink eyeshadow can substitute well for your standard, neutral shade. Want to take this trend to the next level? Match your eye and your lip color for a monochromatic statement. Try this raspberry loose eyeshadow pigment paired with cabaret salsa vegan lip gloss


Natural Eye Makeup | Loose Eyeshadow | Raspberry Eyeshadow


  1. Natural Blush

PureWow calls this trend, “pinched cheeks.” Rather than a peachy or overly rosy look, choose a blush color that matches the natural pink your cheeks turn on a crisp, fall day. It’s almost as if you’re trying to use blush that doesn’t look like blush. Try the look with this sweet pink mineral blush makeup.


Natural Blush | Vegan Blush | Sweet Pink


  1. Bottom Lashes that Stand Out

Don’t forget those little bottom lashes! Make a statement with enough mascara on top and bottom this season. According to Good Housekeeping, smudge-proof or waterproof mascara can work better on the bottom, especially if you tend to have watery eyes.

  1. Bring Brown Back

With ’90s trends back in full force, brown was bound to be on this list. Go for a lip color with a hint of chestnut to keep your look updated and stylish, according to Good Housekeeping. Or, try a blush that’s more bronzer than blush, like this earthy brown color.

Natural Blush | Vegan Blush | Neutral Earthy Brown


  1. Jewel Tone Smokey Eyes

Put those colors in your eyeshadow palette that you avoid to use with this unique trend. Use colors like teal, emerald, purple and blue to compliment your eye color and continue the ’90s vibe. This makeup palette offers several colors to help you create that mermaid-esque, jewel tone look.


  1. Subtle Highlighting

Creating a dewy — but not shiny — makeup look has been all the rage for awhile now, but this fall, don’t overdo it. Using a finishing powder with a subtle shimmer is the perfect way to give your makeup a glowing final touch. These vegan finishing powders in satin shimmer or soft glow will do the trick.

Vegan Setting Powder | Mineral Finishing Powder



Article written by: Alexis Crowe

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