5 Fun 90's Beauty Trends That Are Making a Comeback

5 Fun 90's Beauty Trends That Are Making a Comeback

 5 Fun ’90s Beauty Trends That Are Making a Comeback

Have you noticed that style seems to move in cycles? What was cool several decades ago is suddenly cool again! 

Trends are tweaked, but the concepts often stay the same. If you’re wanting to upcycle some your old styles, bring some of your beauty products back to life or even get a Goodwill makeover, you’re in luck.

The ’90s in particular are having a moment in the style and beauty world — from clothing to makeup to beauty. Not sure how you want to bring the decade back? Put on your choker and mom jeans and take a look at these five fun trends that are making a 2019 comeback.

  1. Barrettes 

Remember the butterfly clips and sparkly clasps that were all the rage in the ’90s? Well, we’ve upgraded, but the barrette trend is back in full force. Now you can go for elegant gold, black, pearl and tortoise shell as solid choices for your barrette collection. Choose a shade that pops against your hair color for the most “wow” factor.

gold sparkle eye makeup pigment raw beauty minerals

  1. Sparkle

Glitter used to be all the rage — and now it’s time to sparkle once again! Incorporate some sparkle into your everyday makeup routine with a fun shimmery highlighter or sparkly lip gloss. On special occasions, up your eyeshadow with shimmery shades rather than only using matte. A little extra glitter goes a long way!

  1. Bold Lip Liner

Making your lip liner bold means making it a different shade than your lipstick. If you’re not sure about this trend, try it out with two shades of lipstick before investing in different lip liners. The liner doesn’t need to be thick, but it provides a defined outline of your lip shape, making them appear bigger and fuller. 

  1. Nude Lips

Not feeling the bold lip trend? Go to the other end of the spectrum and opt for a nude lip instead. Try to make your lips almost match your skin tone for a true nude effect. A just barely there pink shimmer is enough to give the subtle pop that a nude lip gives.

blue eye shadow and nails on beautiful lady raw beauty minerals

  1. Blue Eyeshadow

While a blended, multi-hued eyeshadow is always beautiful, there’s something bold and appealing about a single color applied with precision and intensity. Blue had its moment in the ’90s and now it’s back and better than ever. Choose a shimmery shade to hit double the trends in one swipe. This pretty lilac-esque blue shade is the perfect choice.

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